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I’m Kylie.

A serial creative entrepreneur, just like you.
I left music college, fell into the world of special events, made a load of wrong decisions and went on an incredible journey that led to me running a business I absolutely love.

Ideas are what make me tick, I’ve usually had three new ones before breakfast. But after twenty years in business I know how to control the flow of ideas and monetise the best ones. And now I educate other creative entrepreneurs to do the same.




Meet 3 of My Success Stories

“Kylie has been instrumental in facilitating my career change. In a year my working lifestyle has transformed from un fullfilling and under-challenged to where I wanted it to be; self-driven and hugely creative. I have moments when I need a gentle push to take the next step and with Kylie’s encouragement and motivation, she gets me there.”

-Martha Tobyn

Kylie leads by example through her honest and hard working approach to business and her enthusiasm for developing new ideas is infectious. But more than just doing it, she lives it and more importantly she shares her knowledge and experience with others. As a mentor she has directly and indirectly shaped my business growth and I know that the quality of her content and workshops will always over deliver.”

-Dee Mc Meeking

“Kylie has been an important part of my career growth over the past 3 years. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities Kylie has given me to develop my knowledge and skills as I pursue a career in the education space. It has been evident during my time working with Kylie that she is extremely motivated and always looking to the future as she continues to evolve and grow in herself and her business”

-Lisa Macale

Join Me Weekly

Business TV

Over the last ten years I have had the pleasure of teaching and mentoring just over 3,000 new creative entrepreneurs around the world, and over the years I have witnessed the same fears, challenges, confidence issues and lack of business knowledge and understanding in nearly all of them.
Video is one of my passions and now I use this platform to share what I’ve learned on the Creative Business TV Show with two new episodes each week. Join me on Mondays and Wednesdays so I can help you make a success of your creative business.

Embrace The Journey

In business you have to aim high, dream big, & believe you can, but above all else embrace the journey & make every day count.

Take your foot of the gas for a moment and let yourself breathe. Take time to enjoy the journey and you’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn.

 My Entrepreneurial Journey


  • 2003- Sold my successful planning business in London
  • 2004 Moved to Australia to work as the Event Ops Manager at Hayman Island
  • 2007 Wrote my first course and launched the Australian Academy
  • 2008 My daughter took up figure skating and the 5am starts began
  • 2009 Appeared on Australian morning television as an Entrepreneur


  • 2010 Launched the Academy in the UK & US
  • 2011 2011 Moved to California to open US Academy
  • 2012 Invited to speak at my first industry conference, Idea Factory Las Vegas
  • 2013 Ventured into the world of video with my first ever Video Series
  • 2014 Invited to join the Event Solutions Advisory Board


  • 2015 Got serious about YouTube
  • 2016 Launched the Academy in Dubai
  • 2017 Fulfilled my lifelong dream of moving to France
  • 2018 Interviewed Ariana Huffington for the Wedding Business Magazine
  • 2018- Launched and CEO School

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